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Patient Testimony

"Absolutely wonderful group!!! Everyone from the ladies at the front office to the doctors and therapists in the back, everyone is very helpful and understanding of your needs. They take the time to treat you and work on the issues that you have until they are resolved. I am so happy to have walked through their door!"

- M M.

"Dr. Hua is amazing. I came in after dealing with some neck and upper back pain for some time now. She was thorough with her exam and helped explain the details of what was going on with my body. Her adjustment was excellent and I didn't feel pain afterwards. I'd recommend anyone in the Spring area to come visit this clinic."

- Thomas L.

"I have been a patient at Just Health Center for years, ever since it opened. I must say Dr. Lin Hua is the first Chiropractor that has relieved me of my pain. She takes the time to listen to the issues at hand and diagnose the problem. From therapeutic massage, acupuncture, manipulation, and several other services I highly recommend her! Don’t let her size fool you, good things come in small packages and she can manipulate as well as big burly doctors!"

- Cory L.

"Dr Linh, Has been seeing me for over a year for a number of issues due to the fact I am a very active person (my body takes a lot punishment) I have walked in hunched over barely able to walk and came out the same day feeling much more relieved and able to walk normally. She really does care about her patients and makes sure the treatment fits the injury. Her massage therapy staff is also excellent very personable and really know how to isolate and treat muscular problem areas.
I Highly recommend!"

- Sam N.